Tim Franklin Shaolin Warrior

Tim C. Franklin

Tim C. Franklin was born and bred in Sussex, England. Growing up on a farm he enjoyed the wonderful experience and opportunity of exploring his surroundings. Being prone to accidents though, his adventures would often end with some kind of injury. It wouldn’t be uncommon to find him fallen out of a tree or stuck somewhere high.

He also suffered from childhood Asthma, and was told by a doctor that he wouldn’t be like the other children, that he wouldn’t be able to do sports like normal children. This was quite a blow, but not one he was willing to live with. Having a strong belief and desire to do whatever, and become whatever he wanted, he made a choice to change his future.

Overcoming his Asthma, through sheer willpower, he got involved in sports, was a captain of a football team (that seemed to lose a lot), achieved a black belt in Karate and became a Shaolin Kung Fu and Chi Kung master and therapist.


Married, with two children, Tim spends his time enjoying his family, writing, building things for the kids and himself, teaching, training and running a therapy clinic. In his spare time he likes to climb the mountains in Wales with his best friend and chat about his latest discoveries and ideas. That’s when he isn’t away training with his Shaolin Grandmaster and having his own adventures or working with the fellow members of Fully Alive.


His children, and passion for Kung Fu, have been a real source of inspiration for The Guardian Lions. One of them has knowledge and wisdom beyond their years, but an apparent lack of courage. The other is adventurous, fearless almost, but is not always cautious. So, like their father can end up down a hole or fallen off something.


May their adventures, curiosity and engagement in life continue to inspire.