The Guardian Lions Story

The Imperial Guardian Lions have been turned to stone, their powers hidden in waiting. A warlord wants to steal this power and become supreme ruler under the heavens. Two young Guardian Lions, Earth and Sky, have other ideas. But before they can save Earth’s brother, Tao, from pending doom, they will need to find courage and wisdom. Sky knows just the place to look – The Divine Peach, an ancient tree that fruits every three thousand years. The time has come.

Together with inspiration and insights from the ancient system of the Shaolin Arts, ‘The Guardian Lions’ reveals a path to health and happiness often overlooked.


Sky - A young Guardian Lion seeking wisdom. From the book The Guardian Lions - The Search for the Divine Peach.


Earth. A young Guardian Lion


Inspired by the Shaolin tradition and the rich history of the Chinese arts, this adventure book takes the reader on a journey of mystical creatures, mild peril and discovery. ‘The Guardian Lions’ follows the journey of the two main characters, Earth and Sky, as they deal with a variety of challenges we often face growing up. As we have come to understand, dealing with the challenges life has to offer is not always easy, for parent or child.


As a teacher of the Shaolin arts, I was curious about the following questions and ideas: What if we had the tools to deal with life’s challenges more skillfully? What would it be like if instead of feeling locked up or stuck, we could navigate life more freely and easily? Through the arts I practice and teach, that’s what I’ve been finding out.

As a parent myself, I naturally want the best for my children. I want them to grow up being healthy and happy. One way they can do that is to have the right tools and skills to do their best in life.


That’s what this book is about. Through the adventures of two young Guardian Lions - Earth and Sky, descendants of the heavenly Guardian Lions to the Emperor, we learn about the struggles we face, such as: dealing with fears, feeling alone, finding courage, judgment, handling overwhelming emotions, overcoming violence and aggression and working with others.